Thanks John for 32 years service on the Committee

Keep taking the photos.

John Fowler

If anyone has a special photograph and Tweet you think other residents would be interested in, please send it to me for our website.

Two examples below

‘You might have expected this ‘Berlin style’ decorated wall with an ‘Air Base’!    Not a modern civilian estate like the ‘Pines’!!!’


‘While checking on the local orchids and protect them from deer grazing with sticks I found the first Narrow Lipped Helleborine in our woods.  Worryingly there were large black and white mosquito’s that I have never seen before.  They looked like Asiatic tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, which has spread to Europe and is a vector for yellow fever and dengue.  After checking with the None-native Species Agency it was identified as Aedes geniculatus, a native woodland mosquito often mistaken for the notorious tiger mosquito – Phew!!’

Click on the thumbnail for a larger magnified image. 

What’s going on this Summer?

Hi Everyone

After a great turnout at our AGM on the 22nd May with 31 residents, a fascinating talk by Jackie Kay on the ‘History of the Rye’ and an update on local issues from Julia Wassel, we turn our attention to Summer events. See AGM page for details.

The main event this Summer is our Summer BBQ on the 21st July (or 4th August if weather looks bad on the 21st). There will be live music from ‘Halvar’. They were brilliant last year. So please book a slot in your calendar to join us.

‘Halvar’ are a local band becoming well known and in demand for their great music. Don’t Miss.

Please keep up to date on the Events Calendar for new and latest events including Friday evening BBQ’s

‘What’s happening up top’ on Abbey Barn South

If you have not walked to the top of Keephill Woods lately or up to the ‘Pines’ development you may be interested (or disappointed) in what you see. See some pictures.

New highest point overlooking High Wycombe??
View across Abbey Barn South to the East
Above the redundant ski slope
Redundant ski slope. A condition of the planning permission to build on Abbey Barn South was to clear the ski slope to allow Chiltern Ranges to establish chalk grassland.

Visit to Greatmoor

Twelve ‘hi vis’ residents had a very interesting visit to FCC ‘Energy from Waste’ site near Aylesbury where BCC send all our ‘grey bin’ waste to generate electricity rather than landfill.  Currently about 300 tonnes of waste/annum generates 26MW/hour is electricity, enough for 40,000 homes.

Waste is delivered by lorries where large grabs drop it into a moving grate where it is incinerated into heat, flue gases and ash.

The heat drives a steam turbine and generated electricity added to the ‘national grid’.

Flue gases are cleaned to within safe limits and essentially only water vapour and carbon dioxide released.  Extractable metals are separated from remaining ash.

Summer BBQ 2018

Great weather, band, food and fun for all attending (about 60). Here are a few photos to remember it by.  Thanks very much ‘Halvar’ and their support team, we enjoyed every minutes of your music very much.

New Kids on the Green (HALVAR)

Proud parents

Dancing on the Green

Community spirit

Well earned rest

Vernon, the lucky winner


Ramble along the Wye and Back

Ramble Report

Ten residents joined for a great walk on a beautiful day.  See some of the sights captured by John Fowler.

Back Stream at Funges Meadow

Spring water rising from the chalk aquifer and feeding Back Stream at Wye Dean


Yellow flag iris

Mosses and liverworts often overlooked

Field rose with garden chaffer beetle at Kingsmead

Back stream running towards Kingsmead near the old ford

Many ducks on route

Watercress, starwort and water crowfoot typical of clear cool chalk streams

Water crowfoot in flower

Sunday 3rd June, start at 11am from the Green.  We walk along the Wye to Kingsmead and return via Back Stream by about 1230.  See the course of our chalk stream and its wildlife.

See Revive the Wye website for more details on our precious and rare chalk streams and what we are doing to protect them.