About Us


WWRA was established in 1977 to welcome residents when they first arrived; taking actions to protect the interests of residents as a whole; keeping members informed of proposed developments in the area that might affect them and organising social events.

Since 1977 the association has flourished with many highlights promoting typically an 80% membership.  Some highlights being our first Street Party in 1977 (on the Green) to celebrate the Queens Silver Jubilee; establishment of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and most recently successful parking restrictions at the corner of Warren Wood Road where it meets Keep Hill road making driving on and off the estate much safer.  These are just a few example and full accounts of our history and achievements are documented in the Annual General Meeting minutes held in spring each year.  The members elect a Committee of about ten members including a chairman and treasurer.

need to know more about WWRA contact:  pete@wwra.co.uk