Welcome page for New Neighbours

Welcome to your new home and friendly neighbourhood. We hope you will be as happy living here as we are. You have moved to an area that we consider quite unique, in that we all live very close to the centre of a large town and yet Warren Wood feels like a village with a tremendous community spirit, sadly missing in so many other locations.

We have a thriving Residents Association with a Neighbourhood Watch Area; Coffee Morning Circle and a Facebook Page.  So we hope you will take the opportunity to take part in many social and neighbourly activities which are organised throughout the year. All residents are welcome and we look forward to seeing you at some of them at least.

The Residents Association Committee members are always pleased to hear from residents and are very willing to help you in any way we can. You may contact any committee member regarding any aspect of living in Warren Wood or all using the Email address committee@wwra.co.uk

Celia Darrington (Chairman)               

Peter Edwards (Secretary)                             

Duncan Coupland (Treasurer)          

Graham Keens                               

Michael Chilvers                                   

Abbie Russel                                        

Sharon King                                                                 

Ivan Cicin-Sain                                                

Chris Mullord

The Committee tries to keep members informed of Local issues which may effect residents living in Warren Wood.  We do this through online communication (Mail Chimp) and using this Website.  The committee also organises around half a dozen activities every year, which would typically include a Summer BBQ and New Year celebration at midnight on the Green, Progressive suppers, Christmas Carol singing, Theatre trips, Local rambles.

By the time you have read this welcome page you should have been welcomed by a committee member bearing a bottle of wine (or something more appropriate) and asking for your permission to add your email address to a personalised circulation list. As New Residents your first years membership of WWRA is free.  The current membership fee is £10/annum and you will receive a request for payment in your second year as a Resident.  We hope you will continue. 

Please look at our Website to get more information that may interest you.  We welcome feedback.