Local Conservation Volunteering and Wildlife

We are very fortunate to have woodland and riparian habitat adjacent to our estate, namely Warrenwood, Keephill and Dean Garden woods and the river Wye.  WWRA is keen to support their wellbeing and management as an amenity and wildlife habitat.  We actively support the Chiltern Rangers network, Revive the Wye partnership and Wycombe Wildlife Group to achieve this.

Chiltern Rangers and Revive the Wye are looking for volunteers to help with local conservation.  Main local sites for volunteering are Keephill Woods, Funges Meadow and the Wye as it runs from its source to the Thames.

Beginning in 2019 there is a exciting 5 year Landscape Conservation Plan for the Central Chilterns called the CHALK, CHERRIES AND CHAIRS PROJECT.  Find out more here.

See below a photo gallery of wildlife with comments by year.

Please send pics to Pete



Autumn was fantastic for fungi, see just a few of the 40-50 species in Keephill and Deangarden woods.  Any experts on fungi identification?

Spiny puffball
Giant Club
Magpie fungus
Waxy parrot cap






Winter on the Dyke with 1 of 9 little grebes.  This one was particularly ambitious.  Also maximum counts of 93 mallard, 20 tufted duck, 38 coot and 28 moorhen.  Special place however are 32 little egrets roosting on the island in the Abbey lake.

Lots to see from Warren Wood.   Below are buzzards (rounded tails) and ravens (wedge tails) performing aerobatics.  Kites with forked tails.


Well done to all WWR’s involved in the weekly tree watering on the Rye.  We plan to continue until the drought ends.  See the results of our efforts.  We saved 53 young trees, mostly Turkey Oaks (I think) from certain death.  We have also had some help from the Scouts.

Wednesday 21st March – Help ‘Revive the Wye’ with management of Holywell Mead Marsh (below the waterfall) including litter picking.          Start 0930.  Hope to see you there.

Little Egret

Green Thursday 22nd Feb – Tree coppicing and planting behind the Dyke with Chiltern Rangers – 10am till 1pm – follow the sound of a chainsaw. Hope to see you there.

WWRA members volunteering is at 10am on Saturday 13th January at Funges Meadow.


Did you know that several pairs of firecrest and now breeding in these woods.  These birds along with many other wildlife depend on ivy for their nests, food and shelter (see Ivy Facts).  We have placed notices in the woods to let walkers know there are no good reasons to damage ivy.