Thanks John for 32 years service on the Committee

Keep taking the photos.

John Fowler

If anyone has a special photograph and Tweet you think other residents would be interested in, please send it to me for our website.

Two examples below

‘You might have expected this ‘Berlin style’ decorated wall with an ‘Air Base’!    Not a modern civilian estate like the ‘Pines’!!!’


‘While checking on the local orchids and protect them from deer grazing with sticks I found the first Narrow Lipped Helleborine in our woods.  Worryingly there were large black and white mosquito’s that I have never seen before.  They looked like Asiatic tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, which has spread to Europe and is a vector for yellow fever and dengue.  After checking with the None-native Species Agency it was identified as Aedes geniculatus, a native woodland mosquito often mistaken for the notorious tiger mosquito – Phew!!’

Click on the thumbnail for a larger magnified image.