Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration – Friday 3rd June 2022

A great afternoon with about 100 residents (families and friends).  We fortunately picked the best day of the 4 day Jubilee Bank Holiday for good weather and we were honored by a visit from the new Mayor of High Wycombe, Cllr Arif Hussain and the Deputy Mayor Nabeela Rana.  The Mayor duly planted our Jubilee Tree, a Whitebeam, to Commemorate the Queen’s 70 years Reign.

All brought a very fine selection of food that was finished off with a magnificent Jubilee cake provided by the Association.  Lots of games from Aunt Sally through to a Scavenger hunt…….  Finally a protracted Raffle due to the generosity of residents.

Some pictures to commemorate this unique occasion below.

Celia welcoming the Major and his Deputy

The Mayor, Chairman Celia and Secretary Pete after planting the Jubilee ‘Whitebeam’

Graham supervising the ‘Aunt Sally’ 

Sharon receiving a token of our appreciation on retiring from the Committee

Food, glorious food………..