Out of about 40 very scary Halloween characters 1st, 2nd and 3rd places went to Zac, Matthew and Lucy.

Great costumes by all.


Please show your support for our children on Halloween night by lighting a pumpkin (or other) and have sweets at the ready

If children and parents are able to assemble on the Green at 5.30pm before ‘Trick or Treating’ we can take photos and judge ‘the most scary character’ and win a prize. 

Sunset is 4.30pm (clocks fall back on the Sunday 29th)



Village Green

Last week John delivered all 59 Village Green Questionnaires on our behalf by hand to Bucks County Hall in Aylesbury.

Please all congratulate yourselves for such an excellent response (70% of all residents) 

Lets hope we get

Image result for picture if a sign saying 'village green'


Hi all

Thanks to all who have returned their Village Green questionnaire.

For those who have not this is a gentle reminder from Lord Kitchener that WE NEED YOU

Please be sure to sign all 3 pages, the questionnaire (2) and the map.

thanks from the Committee

Progressive Supper on Saturday 28th October

Hi all residents of WWRA, you’re invited to take part in our annual roving dinner party.  There are 3 courses followed by a party.  You are asked to do one course for 3-4 couples and are invited anonymously to the others.  This is one of our most popular events going back over twenty years and great way to get to know your neighbours and catch up with ones you haven’t seen for a while.  See link.

Prog Supper Flyer Oct 2017